Frequently Asked Questions


AW Virtual Tuition is a live tutor led home schooling platform so if we can’t answer your queries immediately, you may find the answers to your questions here.

If your question is not answered below feel free to contact us; you can use the contact us section at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What age are the students in your KS3 and KS4 groups?

  • KS3 refers to school year 7 to year 9, when a student is 11- 14 years of age.
  • KS4 refers to school year 9 to year 11, when a student is 14-16 years of age.

This is just a guideline to the suitability of a course to the age of your child. Some students are ready to access these levels earlier and others later. I am happy to consult with you on the suitability of a class based on your child’s ability and previous learning.

Is any prior knowledge of Biology required to access the lessons?

  • For the KS3 lessons no prior knowledge of biology is required.
  • For the KS4 lessons prior knowledge is useful, but not essential. An understanding of basic GCSE level maths is helpful.

How large are your groups?

  • I like to keep my groups small, so I can get to know each of my student’s abilities and knowledge.
  • Usually this means there are between 4 and 8 students in each class.

Are lessons scheduled every week?

Lessons are scheduled during the school term time of my local area unless individual tuition is otherwise requested. The term time dates will be provided to you on booking and are also available to view on the calendar. Lessons are not scheduled on a bank holiday.

What platforms do you use?

Lessons are online via Zoom, while notes and homework are in a Google Classroom set up for each individual group. On booking you will be provided with links to access the Zoom lessons and the group’s Google Classroom.

My child is not comfortable on video. Do they need to be seen and /or heard in the lesson?

It is optional to have the camera turned on during the session, although it is always great to see you! I like to do a visual register at the start of each session but, after that, if the student is more comfortable, they can then turn it off.
There is also the option of using the chat box for comments or questions, either for everyone to view or just myself. Personally, I prefer to be able to hear my students during the lesson as I think the session flows better, but I understand some students prefer not to have the sound on.

Do you record lessons for later access?

I do not record my live lessons. I find this encourages students to attend the live lessons and recording a lesson can make some students feel uncomfortable and less likely to participate. After each lesson comprehensive notes are downloaded to the group’s Google Classroom. In a few circumstances I will record the lesson, if this is requested in advance and if other students in the group consent to me doing so. 

Do you provide feedback?

Homework is set on a weekly basis and, if completed and returned, will be marked and feedback given.

At the end of each term an individual report will be emailed to parents/guardians with information of attendance and participation in the lessons, completion of homework, progress and next steps.

Parents/guardians should feel free to contact me if they wish to discuss their child’s progress or have any concerns.

What subjects do you offer tuition in?

Currently tuition is available in Biology (KS3 and KS4 Edexcel), Human Biology (KS4 Edexcel) and Marine Science (CAIE).

How much does it cost?

KS3 group lessons work out at £5 and KS4 at £7 per session. This includes a live lesson for approximately 55 minutes.

Following each lesson, you will be provided with comprehensive notes covering the lesson topic and homework via Google Classroom. Included in these notes will be further learning activities, either online or paper-based, as well as independent tasks. I will have carefully checked beforehand any online resources suggested, but as always please exercise caution when using these.

Payment schedule options are explained when you go to book a course.

Individual tuition is priced at £12 for KS3 and £15 for KS4 per lesson. Please contact Angela to arrange.

Do you offer individual tuition?

Yes, I offer 1:1 tuition in KS3 and KS4 biology. Lessons can be tailored to the student’s learning style, pace and prior knowledge. Sessions last approximately 55 minutes and are £12 for KS3 and £15 for KS4/IGCSE.

My child is not able to attend a lesson can I have a refund?

Please let me know if you will be late to a session or not attending as far in advance as possible. While I appreciate sometimes this is not feasible due to unexpected circumstances, please bear in mind I have a very busy timetable and I cannot reschedule lessons or refund for any missed sessions except in exceptional cases.

If your child is having individual tuition and knows in advance that they will be unable to attend, please inform me and we can try to find a mutually convenient day and time to reschedule the lesson to.

How many lessons are there in each course?

KS3 courses run for one academic year, September to July. There are 35 lessons.

KS4 courses run over two academic years and are completed in plenty of time to allow for revision and exam practice. There are 69 lessons in total.

Do you fully prepare students for the examinations?

Ultimately it is the responsibility of a parent/guardian to ensure their child receives an appropriate education and is prepared for their examinations. Completion of the course does not guarantee an examination pass.

I will endeavour to prepare each student for their examination, support them in their studies and give advice on how to progress. Students on my KS4/IGCSE courses will have covered the entire content of the relevant syllabus for their chosen course. They will have seen and practised exam questions on a regular basis, as well as practised previous exam papers. Of course my aim is each and every student achieves the best grade possible!

Will you book examinations for my child?

No, I cannot book examinations on behalf of you and your child. You will need to find and liaise with an examination centre or a school which accepts private candidates for examinations.

AW Virtual Tuition is a partner of  Tutors & Exams. This means as a student of AW Virtual Tuition you are entitled to a 15% discount if you book the examination at one of their centres.

Be aware bookings need to be made in advance of examination periods at any centre or school, particularly if you require access arrangements.

I don't see a convenient day/time for the course I would like to book.

If AW Virtual Tuition is not currently offering the course you would like to study at a convenient time you may find that the same courses run for Home Educators Educating Together (HEET) are suitable.


To book the one to one tuiton or simply find out more about the classes we offer please contact Angela Wood: